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Ancient Conversations: The Forgotten Language of our Ancestral Heritage is an ancient look at the essential forms of communication being offered through the poetic voices of nature and the elements.  In this course, you will find the resources of wisdom that have been informing and guiding the mystics and seers and sages since the beginning of time...  the living language of the elements, spoken through the ancient conversations of nature itself. 

Techniques and Practices

The content of this course was born out of my personal need, and desire, to have consistent access to a masterful teacher.  And since I do not have access to an awakened and infallible human teacher at my disposal every time I need some guidance (which for me is quite often)… I wanted to find a source of wisdom and guidance that I could have access to every time I needed it.  And, in the absence of a supremely wise human teacher, we must go to the resource of that teacher… and to the place where they procure their forms of wisdom and guidance directly. 

Ancient Conversations: The Forgotten Language of Our Ancestral Heritage is the recipe for establishing, and maintaining, that direct connection to the resource of support and guidance being freely offered through the natural world.  It puts us in touch with the teacher of all teachers, nature itself, who can not only reflect infallible truth, but can create such a potent atmosphere of non-judgmental space holding, that healing takes place without the need of human facilitation. 

All that is required are specific forms heightened and sustained attentiveness, and postures of receptivity.  This course is a compilation of the time tested techniques and practices that can put you into direct dialogue with those wellsprings of wisdom, and the sage-like guidance being offered through the ancient conversations of the natural world.  


This series will be filled with information and stories designed to empower you with all the tools you need to enter this ancient conversation, and to glean insights and support from this resource whenever you need it.  A few examples of those teachings are: the disciplines of stillness, silence, and solitude; how to incorporate powerful and effective breathing techniques to augment the process of integration; working with the mind, not against it; as well as learning to find and create environments conducive to healing. 


Online Forum Access

A dedicated space for ongoing conversations, accessible only to course attendants, will also be provided to engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow classmates, and the larger community, regarding course topics, techniques and practices.   This private forum provides an ongoing question and answer element to the course work, that I monitor closely, to help refine your personal practice as you apply the teachings offered in this course to your daily life.  



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Testimonials From Course Participants:

Leslie Whitcomb

"My daily tasks have all been enriched by learning the wisdom you share here out of the depth of your devotion to be present and to be of service in that presence. Your sharing has provided precious guidance toward sacred placement of reverence, as my life has changed form and will continue to change form in the coming weeks. Truly a gift, thank you Mateo." 

Gabriella Galvan von Twistern

"Such urgent and necessary wisdom all people have a need for now more than ever. With you as an impeccable guide, may all journey far and wide to sit with the inherent language enfolded in everything, everywhere, as medicine for the soul."

Kathie D'Ariano-Gordnier

"Mateo, Thank you for these wonderful videos. They allowed me a deeper understanding of our transition/transformation. It gave me a more real sense of letting go. While I am and always will be a work in progress, I can more clearly address these transitions to move forward toward transformation. I found that exploring, researching, and acknowledging those who guide us in unconditional love that this is the path I have always been on. It took me to a place of wisdom imparted to me long ago. It put my re-membering back in view. As I continue on my journey through these Sacred Landscapes I have a better understanding of the process to becoming a hollow bone. I am grateful to have taken this wonderful course work.  In greatest appreciation!"

Robert "Scoop" Geisel

"One of the best presentations I, personally, have ever been part of.  Mateo has the unique ability to present materials in daily living free of self-aggrandizement and with a noticeable lack of ego. This all allows the participants to use and access their own valuable gifts and knowledge to both enhance, color and enlarge the experience of life that is being offered."

Jacynthe Bernard

"I am great-full and impressed with the amount of teachings you share in one course.  It is so well orchestrated, and your stories and personal experiences makes it all come together in a light and easy way for me to let things go and have lots of fun... it is well seasoned and delightful!  I feel like something transformed and lifted for me during those three courses."

Paige Ryan

"Your eloquence with words, stories, teachings and poems were amazing to be a witness of. I’m so proud to call you a brother on this walk, and feel a belonging in your tribe. I look forward to any and all upcoming teachings with you." 

Elke Savala

"Mateo’s teachings are insightful, original and deep. His poetic way of sharing complex subject matter is enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you Mateo for another great class."

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