ONLINE COURSES Designed to bring peace to the inner landscape of your soul, foster harmonious relationships with others, redefine what it means to be in sacred community, and reestablish balance with the natural world.
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Six-Part Series

Messages From The Mountains: An Active Exploration of the Shamanic Path is an online course focusing on the personal ascent of your life. It is a source of support, inspiration, and guidance from the ancient traditions, to rise up to an elevated way of being in the world.  This course contains over 6 hours of video recordings, handouts, diagrams, poetry, exercises, and weekly forms of inquiry and homework... all packaged in a user-friendly online learning platform.

Three-Part Series

Exploring Sacred Landscapes: A Shamanic Investigation of the Three Worlds is an online journey through the three worlds of shamanic consciousness.  This three-part series will explore the newly emerging forms of consciousness becoming increasingly more available to humanity during this time of radical change.  The goal being the integration and internalization of these new depths of awareness into the physical and luminous body. 

Three-Part Series

Rebuilding Sacred Landscapes is an online journey through the art and construction of sacred medicine items. This new course will be an in depth look at the function, construction, and use of some of the most important medicine items used by shamanic practitioners from Peru and Bolivia. It will be a deep dive into the very heart of what makes medicine items so powerful, and why and how they are able to come to life in ritual and ceremony.  

New Series!

Ancient Conversations: The Forgotten Language of our Ancestral Heritage is an ancestral look at the essential forms of communication being offered through the poetic voices of nature and the elements.  In this course, you will find the resources of wisdom that have been informing and guiding the mystics and seers and sages since the beginning of time...  the living language of the elements, spoken through the ancient conversations of nature itself.  

Matthew "Mateo" Magee

Ceremonialist, Author, and Artist, his work revolves mindfulness, nature awareness, and the use of primitive skills as mediums to deepen one's relationship with the natural world.

The time to begin the journey toward peace and wholeness is always now.


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