Six-Part Series
with Matthew Magee

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Messages From The Mountains is an online course focusing on the personal ascent of your life. It is a source of support, inspiration, and guidance from the ancient traditions, to rise up to an elevated way of being in the world.

This course contains over 6 hours of video recordings, handouts, diagrams, poetry, exercises, and forms of inquiry... all packaged in a user-friendly online learning platform.    


Learning From the Sacred Mountains

The mountains are among the most important and powerful teachers of the shamanic traditions of Peru. An interaction with a mountain is a conversation with one of the greatest living teachers and guides on the spiritual path. This course will dive into that ancient and powerful conversation.

Helpful Diagrams, Handouts, and Homework

Mateo will break down complex, and often elusive shamanic concepts, and explain them through simple and straight forward exercises.  This, being done to better comprehend, and apply these teachings to your everyday life.  


Calling Ourselves Home

This series is about learning to map the inner landscape of the soul, and to track the ways we deviate from our soul's purpose or calling.  And from this deeper understanding, we are better able to rise from our identification with the lower self, move into a remembering of our cosmic inheritance, and find balance in the middle of it all.

Dive More Deeply Into Key Shamanic Concepts

When a Mesa is constructed, the entire cosmovision of the tradition is rebuilt, piece-by-piece, and its every element is brought into being through the alignment, reflection, modeling, and capturing of kamay

Engaging the Process of Ascension

One of our guides in this process will be the ancient Peruvian altar system known as a Mesa (Spanish for table).  With this helpful tool, we will learn to externalize our inner worlds so they can be worked with in a tangible form.  



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“I feel compelled to support Mateo Magee’s efforts in the important work and information that he has to offer.  For me, his years of effort, and staying with the path of his choice has provided me with expanded useful techniques, interesting directions and helpful insights.  Mateo’s joyous and entertaining presentations have been a delight.  His storytelling technique and style of presentation makes new information both accessible and comfortable.  He has made a pathway that has helped me move beyond entrenched understandings, and positions, as I progress along my path.”   – Bob Geisel

Elke Savala

"Mateo’s teachings are insightful, original and deep. His poetic way of sharing complex subject matter is enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you Mateo for another great class."

Paige Ryan

"Mateo's eloquence with words, stories, teachings and poems were amazing to be a witness of.  I look forward to any and all upcoming teachings with him." 

Jacynthe Bernard

"I am impressed with the amount of teachings Mateo is able to share in one course.  It is so well orchestrated, and his stories and personal experiences makes it all come together in a light and easy way for me to let things go, and have lots of fun... it is well seasoned and delightful!"

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