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Sunday, January 15th, 2023
Time: 10am – 5pm 
Location:  Ramona, CA (exact address provided upon registration).
Tuition:  $144

The Invitation:

The ancient traditions had incredibly effective and efficient ways of passing on wisdom.  They were masters at distilling thousands of years of knowledge, and conveying it in a way that addressed the whole person, not just one’s intellect. 

In Peru, to this day, these teachings remain intact, and are passed down lineally through rituals and ceremonies using an altar-like configuration of items known as a Mesa. 

The items on a traditional Mesa are more than symbolic representations of a sacred landscape, they are the rivers, and mountains, and lagoons... and the medicines that grow there.  And they are embodiments of the healing energies these places inherently possess. 

Working with a mesa allows the individual to access all of these forces and energies directly to address the many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

This daylong intensive is a deep dive into the context and experience of Peruvian ritual teachings.   Participants will have direct access to the insights occurring behind the scenes, from the facilitator's perspective.  

True ceremonial teachings are not dictated by the facilitator, they are a shared movement into the mystery with the entire group.  They are listened into being, and co-created by every individual present in circle.  Yet those of you needing to satiate your the left- brained desires, a comprehensive list of topics that may come into focus are listed below. 

It is also important to mention that all of these teachings will be presented inside a time tested ceremonial container, which in and of itself, is a powerful teacher.   A few examples of this are: Abriendo el portal (opening circle/the creation of sacred space), limpias (ritual cleansings), karpays (transmissions of healing energy), and florecimientos (flowerings of dormant potentials). 

Within this larger body of ceremony, participants will be exposed to a variety of healing modalities through the use of a Mesa (personal healing altar), and the Medicine Items this system employs: (see diagram below). 

All of these teachings will be passed on in the same way they have been for thousands of years, through an activated ceremonial container.

About the facilitator:

Matthew “Mateo” Magee has been serving communities around the world as a spiritual teacher, ceremonial guide, and expedition leader for 24 years.  His book, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa (2002) was the first written account of an ancient lineage that has been refining its Earth-based forms of wisdom for thousands of years. Mateo holds several University degrees, yet feels his true education was derived from the years he spent living and working alongside First Nation Peoples of both North and South America. 

His current spiritual work revolves around postures of receptivity in nature, stillness in motion, and a deep relationship to silence in solitude.  Years of his life have been spent alone in the wilderness, studying the ancient conversations that live there.  One of Mateo’s great gifts is his capacity to make complex and elusive spiritual concepts accessible and palatable, building bridges between ancient cultures and modern-day truth seekers.  He considers himself a perpetual student, and his humble, inclusive teaching style creates a safe environment for every soul to enter and stretch out in. 

*Click image to see some clips of Mateo's online talks. 

Deepen Your Understanding Of Medicine Items  

This course will discuss and use many of the medicine items from the Peruvian tradition of both the Northern Coastal Huachuma Lineage and the Southeastern Andean Paqokuna traditions of Peru. 

This series will regularly cover what makes medicine items so powerful, and why and how they are able to come to life in ritual and ceremony. 

Dive More Deeply Into Key Shamanic Concepts

For example, when a Mesa is constructed, the entire cosmovision of the tradition is rebuilt, piece-by-piece, and its every element is brought into being through the alignment, reflection, modeling, and capturing of kamay.

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Online Forum Access

Following our workshop you will have access to a dedicated space for ongoing conversations, accessible only to course attendants, to engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow classmates, and the larger community, regarding course topics, techniques and practices.   This private forum provides an ongoing question and answer element to the course work, that I monitor closely, to help refine your personal practice as you apply the teachings offered in this course to your daily life.  

Some  topics that may be discussed in this weekend intensive:

  • The Ukhu Pacha – The Inner World (Lower world, Interior Realm)
  • Working with adversity.
  • Brief description of the Mesa
  • The three fields of the Mesa
  • The inner voice
  • The inner defense system
  • Resisted emotional patterns
  • The concept of Hucha in the Quechua language
  • Mapping the Inner World
  • Working with our blind spots
  • Issues with the ego
  • The incessant chatter of the mind
  • The forces of the encanto and calicanto
  • Quantum entanglement
  • Conscious and unconscious forms of projection
  • Healthy and unhealthy use of personal will
  • Shamanic techniques for dealing with troublesome thoughts and emotions
  • Growing roots in the soil of Pachamama
  • The power of selfless service
  • Campo Ganadero – The Field of the Rancher or Livestock Herder


  • Tracking the Inner Landscape ("Rastreo")
  • Freeing the Soul from behind the wound
  • Becoming the ocean
  • Boiling over and becoming a gas
  • Experiences of the Hanaq Pacha
  • The Wisdom of Autumn
  • Archetypes of surrender
  • The importance of imagination
  • Populating the right side of the mesa
  • The guides, and seers, and sages, and prophets, and medicine people
  • Bridging diametrically opposed view points
  • Right action and spiritual activism
  • An awareness of interdependence
  • Getting the ego on board with alignment to Divine Will
  • Complementary opposites of the Mesa dialectic
  • Forgetting and Remembering
  • The axis mundi
  • Learning to let go of our attachments to the inner world
  • What it means to die before you die
  • La Cuenta – the history of a medicine piece
  • Building the inner temple
  • San Cypriano (Saint Cyprian of Antioch) and the devout Justina
  • Becoming an embodiment of the Mesa
  • Making yourself large enough to hold the whole conversation
  • Your life is your shamanic apprenticeship
  • The emerging present moment
  • The middle field of the mesa (Campo Medio)
  • Mateo's beginnings as a spiritual guide
  • Lessons in vulnerability
  • Discovering your inner teacher
  • The power of presence
  • Postures of receptivity
  • Ceremonial protocols from the northern coast of Peru
  • Working the left and right sides of the Mesa
  • The limpia, suspendida, and florecimiento
  • The transformation and transmutation of density (hucha)
  • Raising singha
  • Giving the soul the space it needs to stretch out
  • Working with clients
  • Using medicine pieces

Future Workshops:  Learn the Art and Use of Seguros 

Seguros are bottles of ritually arranged herbs that are placed into a bottle to rebuild a sacred landscape.  Once prepared, these jars of plants embody the medicines that grow in specific enchanted locations. 

Testimonials From Previous Course Participants:

Gabriella Galvan von Twistern

"Such urgent and necessary wisdom all people have a need for now more than ever. With you as an impeccable guide, may all journey far and wide to sit with the inherent language enfolded in everything, everywhere, as medicine for the soul."

Kathie D'Ariano-Gordnier

"Mateo, Thank you for these wonderful teachings. They allowed me a deeper understanding of our transition/transformation. It gave me a more real sense of letting go. While I am and always will be a work in progress, I can more clearly address these transitions to move forward toward transformation. I found that exploring, researching, and acknowledging those who guide us in unconditional love that this is the path I have always been on. It took me to a place of wisdom imparted to me long ago. It put my re-membering back in view. As I continue on my journey through these Sacred Landscapes I have a better understanding of the process to becoming a hollow bone. I am grateful to have taken this wonderful course work.  In greatest appreciation!"

Robert "Scoop" Geisel

"One of the best presentations I, personally, have ever been part of.  Mateo has the unique ability to present materials in daily living free of self-aggrandizement and with a noticeable lack of ego. This all allows the participants to use and access their own valuable gifts and knowledge to both enhance, color and enlarge the experience of life that is being offered."

Jacynthe Bernard

"I am great-full and impressed with the amount of teachings you share in one course.  It is so well orchestrated, and your stories and personal experiences makes it all come together in a light and easy way for me to let things go and have lots of fun... it is well seasoned and delightful!  I feel like something transformed and lifted for me during those three courses."

Paige Ryan

"Your eloquence with words, stories, teachings and poems were amazing to witness.  I’m so proud to call you a brother on this walk, and feel a belonging in your tribe. I look forward to any and all upcoming teachings with you." 

Elke Savala

"Mateo’s teachings are insightful, original and deep. His poetic way of sharing complex subject matter is enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you Mateo for another great class."

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