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Hidden within the essence of emergence itself is the secret to the soul's liberation. 

Revelations of the Soul is a deep dive into the life-changing benefits of maintaining a devotional practice with the nature of emergence. 

The essence of this series is designed to transforms our everyday encounters into revelatory forms of self-illumination... and to consciously engage the soul in a ways that foster its growth, and encourage its sacred evolution. 

Over 6 Hours of Video and Ongoing Access to a Private Forum to Continue Deepening Your Growth and Learning.

  • Unlock greater forms of inner clarity.

  • Transcend limiting beliefs.

  • Gain insights to encourage the soul's emergence.   

  • Gather resources for personal transformation.

  • Deepen your sacred relationship to life.   



In this course, you will find essential ingredients to unlock greater forms of clarity and guidance regarding your soul’s purpose… and its desired movement in the world.  These time-honored teachings will also show you how healthy forms of guidance are all around us…   Blooming like majestic flowers wherever you fix your gaze. 

Session One:  The Roots of Emergence

Buried amidst the complex root systems of our inner worlds are the seeds of revelation.  Yet, before these seeds can break ground and emerge from beneath the surface of our inner worlds, they must be exposed to an inner resource of light.  This inner light of awareness informs the seeds of the soul about the direction they need to grow in order to break ground and take shape in the world of form.  In this session, we will explore the birthplace of emergence, the inner resource of light that illuminates it, and also discuss the many reasons why we often choose to dim our inner light to avoid vulnerability. 

Session Two:  Breaking Ground

Transformation begins within us, but it must also learn to survive in the outside world around us in order manifest and eventually flourish.  The first stages of emergence are usually delicate, sensitive, and vulnerable, and must be properly cared for.  Tending to the needs of any newborn part of us requires patience and gentleness... not to mention consistent forms of presence and attention.  Moreover, these parts of us require healthy forms of education to properly manage the dangers, and navigate the pitfalls of life, to increase the chances they are able to thrive in the outside world.  This session will discuss what is required for new forms of awareness to emerge, and subsequently, it will also reveal how the darkest and most buried parts of us usually contain our brightest resources of light, and our deepest forms of awareness, as well as the most brilliant elements of enlightened consciousness.  That is, if we have the courage to allow them to move into the light of revelation. 

Session Three:  Branches Outstretched: 

Once the light of inner awareness turns on within us, it instantly becomes visible in the world around us… and begins to take shape.  It stretches itself out like the branches of a majestic tree… growing toward the light, and revealing itself, to itself, through itself as it emerges.  And as it makes itself known to the world, innate forms of universal wisdom are remembered and re-discovered. If this revelation was pure, it inevitably leads the soul to begin its path of selfless service, where the nature of its own growing becomes aligned in harmony with the emergence and growth of all life.  And in that moment, we cease our fixation on preserving the personal self, and in its relative absence, there is space for deeper and more meaningful forms of awareness to emerge.  This session is about the flowering forms of awareness that begin to reveal themselves in the path of service.  The presence of this awareness on the path not only proverbially purifies the air we breathe, it cyclically begins to produce enough fruit to feed the masses for generations. 


The Spiritual Midwife

There is a wise part of every human being, hidden deep within us, that is skilled at helping to bring new life into the world.  The work of this series is also about developing a deep friendship with this part of you, and learning to work together to create safe, nurturing environments that encourage the most sacred parts of you to emerge and take shape. 

Balanced Emergence

This course is also going to address how to attend to the uncomfortable elements of emergence; like managing difficult emotional experiences, or how to be present for loss, or an overactive defense system, including the vast array of lingering wounds from our past… and how they tend to show up in less than ideal moments… getting in the way of us having healthy relationships or interactions.


Online Forum Access

A dedicated space for ongoing conversations, accessible only to course attendants, will also be provided to engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow classmates, and the larger community, regarding course topics, techniques and practices.   This private forum provides an ongoing question and answer element to the course work, that I monitor closely, to help refine your personal practice as you apply the teachings offered in this course to your daily life.  



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Testimonials From Previous Course Participants:

Gabriella Galvan von Twistern

"Such urgent and necessary wisdom all people have a need for now more than ever. With you as an impeccable guide, may all journey far and wide to sit with the inherent language enfolded in everything, everywhere, as medicine for the soul."

Heather Weingartner

"Matthew Magee's masterfully descriptive and articulate teachings are pure poetry. With the fruits of his decades-long apprenticeships and personal initiations, experiences and insights, Matthew offers his generous and humble mentorship through exemplary story-telling and practical how-to's to any aspirant of the Great Work seeking spiritual nourishment. Matthew embodies the campo medio as healer and authentic human being in his walk as a shamanic teacher and practitioner."

Kathie D'Ariano-Gordnier

"Mateo, Thank you for these wonderful videos. They allowed me a deeper understanding of our transition/transformation. It gave me a more real sense of letting go. While I am and always will be a work in progress, I can more clearly address these transitions to move forward toward transformation. I found that exploring, researching, and acknowledging those who guide us in unconditional love that this is the path I have always been on. It took me to a place of wisdom imparted to me long ago. It put my re-membering back in view. As I continue on my journey through these Sacred Landscapes I have a better understanding of the process to becoming a hollow bone. I am grateful to have taken this wonderful course work.  In greatest appreciation!"

Robert "Scoop" Geisel

"One of the best presentations I, personally, have ever been part of.  Mateo has the unique ability to present materials in daily living free of self-aggrandizement and with a noticeable lack of ego. This all allows the participants to use and access their own valuable gifts and knowledge to both enhance, color and enlarge the experience of life that is being offered."

Jacynthe Bernard

"I am great-full and impressed with the amount of teachings you share in one course.  It is so well orchestrated, and your stories and personal experiences makes it all come together in a light and easy way for me to let things go and have lots of fun... it is well seasoned and delightful!  I feel like something transformed and lifted for me during those three courses."

Paige Ryan

"Your eloquence with words, stories, teachings and poems were amazing to witness.  I’m so proud to call you a brother on this walk, and feel a belonging in your tribe. I look forward to any and all upcoming teachings with you." 

Elke Savala

"Mateo’s teachings are insightful, original and deep. His poetic way of sharing complex subject matter is enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you Mateo for another great class."

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